About Us

Tom JacksonWelcome to Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair Service! Cleaning your BBQ is not an option! It is a necessity! Most Coloradoans BBQ six to nine months in a calendar year, which means BBQs can build up a lot of grease and unhealthy charred ashes and debris. Cleaning your BBQ is a messy and time consuming job. So let us do the dirty work for you! Maintaining your BBQ on a regular basis extends the life of your BBQ. In addition to cleaning your BBQ we also repair all BBQs. If necessary, we have fabricated parts to repair the equipment.

Our technicians use clean tarps to protect decks and patios. Our company uses cleaning products that are animal and plant safe. We replace batteries in igniters when we clean BBQs. If we clean and repair your BBQ at the same time there is no additional travel charge for the repairs.

Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair Service operates primarily in El Paso County. However, we have cleaned and repaired BBQs in Douglas and Arapahoe counties and beyond. Call for pricing for our services outside of El Paso County.


About Tom

Tom Jackson is the owner and manager of Colorado BBQ Cleaning and Repair. Tom has lived and worked in Colorado Springs since 1986. In addition to the BBQ Cleaning and Repair business, Tom has been a successful owner and manager of Handyman Extraordinaire since 1989. When it comes to fixing things there is not much that he can’t do. Contact Tom Jackson at 719-339-2604.