BBQ Grill Cleaning

Premier Package

Prices starting at $229.95

  • We’ll clean and scrape out your drip pan and clean & polish the outside of your grill hood.
  • We will scrape & wire brush your heat plates, flavorizor bars, racks, & grates.
  • We’ll clean and polish the outside of your grill hood and knobs.
  • We will completely clean & remove all baked on grease from grates, warming racks, and inside of the grill.
  • We’ll also soak and clean your flavorizor bars, heat plates, and drip pan.
  • We will polish & clean all exterior surfaces of the grill & tank and the storage area underneath the grill.
Two Burner Grill – $229.95
Three Burner Grill – $239.95
Four Burner Grill – $249.95
5+ Burner Grill – $259.95